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FILEMAKER: The SPEAK Script Step ( Macintosh Only )

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
TWITTER: dwaynewright

The SPEAK Script Step ( Macintosh Only ) works in concert with the Speech Manager on Macintosh computers. Will allow the script to speak a literal text string or allow you to specify a calculated result to speak. You can also select to have a script paused, until the computer is through speaking via the "Wait for speech completion before continuing " option.

You can change the voice that is used to do the speaking for you from your default Macintosh voices or you can purchase higher quality voices from different third party vendors.

Primarily as a way to communicate with the user.

Speech needs to be enabled on the computer. I have used this feature as a troubleshooting aid in scripts. You can have script steps that say things such as ...

“I’m about to enter the loop now Stan.” “I’m at the bottom of the loop now Stan.” “I’m going to loop again Stan.” “I’m exiting the loop now Stan.”

Got To Know Factor - 2

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