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Interface Files

Interface Files

CLASS: Separation Model

The separation model is a unique way of building a FileMaker solution so that all the data is in one file and the user interface is in another file. Although building a separation model solution isn’t that hard, it is different.

The foundation to setup a solution with an interface file and a data file is the External Data Source. This allows one file to interact (almost seamlessly) with the tables, scripts, value lists and data. To setup an External Data Source, you select that option from under the File menu / Manage / External Data Source.

After you activate the External Data Source command, you will then be greeted with a dialog box asking with file you want to add. You then navigate to where that file is stored and you add it. You then can give the file reference a unique name.

What the developer then does with the interface file is add an external data source link to the data file. You then load all your table occurrences from that data file. Layouts and scripts can use those defined table occurrences without problem, with the exception of some security settings such as running scripts with full access. Here are some links that discuss some of those limitation in further detail.

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