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Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet! I have over 20 years experience blending development, support, business analysis and project management to chaperon progress throughout the full life cycle of diverse software projects. I hope you find some of the content of this site useful and please feel free to drop me note to chat. It is always a great experience exchanging ideas, observations and even challenges with new friends.

Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM

In July 2014, I was awarded one of the first Performance Appreciation Coins from The National Center of Telehealth and Technology. This award comes from a success I had architecting a SDLC specific six phase gate project management system for the enterprise.

This was a crunch deadline where I had to get agreement between six different departments. Oh, and another thing, I only had six weeks to completed it, have it fully documented and gain approval by the senior leadership of the organization.

The coin is very nice and Col. Campise funded the production of them out of his own pocket! The "tails" side of the coin has a roaring lion and that is the pose in the second picture. The motto is to "Get your Grrrr on!".